I discovered a new tool!

A new technique to brighten my mood and alleviate stress: Being grateful.

I came across the practice of gratefulness after falling down a rabbits hole of YouTube videos, and finding myself addicted to the life philosophies of Cornelia Grimsmo. She’s truly amazing and inspirational. Positive and extremely kind. She also wrote an eBook: How to Build Your Inner Home: Create Your Dream Life From The Inside Out With Easy Exercises For The Mind.”

In a few of her videos she mentions the power of being grateful and making gratefulness lists. How this lets you focus on the positives in your life. I’ve even heard of a study on the effects of gratefulness that found positive results. Basically a test group was asked to write down two or three things they were grateful for and why. They did this every day for just one week. This group continued to report higher levels of happiness and satisfaction, throughout the following month. Meaning the effects of doing these exercises for just one week, continued on for the entire month.

I’ve been putting it to the test this week, and I have to say it is definitely improving my mood. I’m not happy 24/7, but I feel more at ease and more in control. All I’ve been doing is saying out loud, in my car, what I am grateful for. It’s things like: my family, being lucky enough to live in Australia, green lights, sunshine, feeling positive. I try to make sure that I include things about myself too, like that I’m grateful for my sense of humour or my health.

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