Universe vs You

“The universe doesn’t care about you.”

It’s the central hypothesis of the book “The universe doesn’t give a flying fuck about you” by Johnny Truant. I’m not going to lie, yet again I was drawn in by the title. That and the fact that this eBook is free, relatable, funny, smart and it’s quite sarcastic too. There’s also a Battlestar Galactica reference and if that doesn’t sell you on this I don’t know what will.

Honestly this book is like a locker room speech style call to arms to start living your life. It’s deeply inspiring. Completely unhelpful in terms of techniques to achieve your goals, but definitely worthwhile reading for the sheer force of will it elicits.

In the grand big scheme of things we’re just a bug on the highway and the universe does not care about what we do with the nanosecond of time we have on this earth. But it’s for this very reason that we should care. Time won’t stop for us, the end is nigh so start doing “epic shit!”


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