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Nighty Night

I’ve been having some trouble getting to sleep lately, with much of the problem stemming from a few careless nights of staying up well past my bedtime (I was out with friends… the fictional variety).

In order to get my snooze routine back on track, I’ve been researching healthy natural ways to get better sleep. That is how I came across “Good Night Sleep: 20 Tips for Better Sleep” by Asanga Wijeratne. The book is quite short and some of the advice it provided I was already aware of, such as turning off electronics, avoiding caffeine and eating late, keeping a routine etc. However its segment on napping was definitely a new concept for me.

Apparently human beings are polyphasic sleepers (we like to sleep several times during a 24 hour period), and napping throughout the day can not only help improve our alertness and productivity but it can also assist us in getting better sleep at night. Ideally these naps should be 20 – 30 minutes long, so as not to negatively impact our sleep during the night.

There are three different types of napping:

1. Planned Napping: This type of napping is intentional and pre-emptive. It’s particularly useful for mothers with nursing babies, who know they will have to wake up regularly throughout the night to feed their child.

2. Emergency Napping: It’s the opposite of planned napping, in that it is reactive in nature. A perfect example would be the five minute power nap, which is often suggested to drivers that are finding themselves feeling lethargic or drowsy on the roads, as a way to prevent car accidents occurring.

3. Habitual Napping: This type of napping occurs at the same time and for the same duration every day. It is most commonly utilised by toddlers after their lunch.

I plan on using a emergency/habitual hybrid napping routine for the next week to see if this improves my night time sleep, in addition to following the other instructions provided in the book. I feel confident that this will give me the results I’m after, and in all honesty I’m really looking forward to incorporating a ritual after work nap.

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