All About Better

Pouring through Self Help books has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. While most of the information I obtained wasn’t particularly helpful (and by that I mean relevant), I’ve always lavished in the idea that someone could provide me with a simple solution to fix my problems. Or that indeed seemingly complicated emotional problems could be overcome by virtue of following a strict step by step process.

Often humorous and endearing, these books give me a sense of control over myself and my life and can comfort me in times of anxiety. In that regard they do their job, they help me. Many of these books also have truly insightful and useful tools and techniques emblazoned within their pages, and I wanted an avenue to both share and record some of these tips and tricks. That is how Better Living Through Books was born! I hope you like it, and if you don’t… Well all the books I’ve read and reviewed tell me I shouldn’t care.